Monday, August 1, 2011

Oracle Support

As anyone that has ever had the pleasure of dealing with Oracle Support can attest their services leave a lot to be desired. First off it's impossible to talk to someone right away. Service Orders must be opened online. Over that if you select the incorrect department or have a question that oversteps their knowledge by the merest fraction then a new SR is created in a different department and you have to start all over. Even high severity Service Requests will sometimes go over a week without a response. Well I'm fed up with it and I've discovered some tips and tricks that help navigate the maze of endless Habib Jar Hakashar al Hasheed's from the east.

  • First off and one of the most important factors in quick problem resolution is to use OCM to collect your hardware/software information. This gathers all sorts of info about the environment, what is installed and how it is used. Tickets submitted with an OCM configuration are resolved much faster and are given priority handling.

  • You also need to call when you aren't happy with response times. A lot of time (75% or more) you are assigned to an engineer that is on a different continent. That's all fine and dandy until you need more than one update every 24 hours. Especially when most updates are asking you to perform redundant tasks or to gather information. Just call and ask for an engineer in your time zone.

  • If response time does not improve ask for manager oversight. This causes some lazy bastard to get a swift kick in the ass from his manager. It doesn't always work and if it doesn't then you escalate to Severity 1 if it isn't already. Manager oversight also means that the manager SHOULD oversee the progress on the ticket rather than just ask for an update from his engineer.

  • If the SR your working with isn't exactly pertinent to the group handling it then you will get passed off. This happens A LOT if you have any questions at all or if you don't select department and descriptions perfectly. When this happens make sure to ask the engineer to perform a WARM HANDOFF of the case and to link the 2 SRs to each other. This will save the new engineer all of the trouble of asking you 100 questions that you have already answered to a different Habib.

Besides that everything else should be self explanatory. Sometimes getting angry helps while most of the time it's pointless. Remember, if you're truly pissed then call your sales manager and let them know what's going on. You can also keep escalating the SR until you reach an Oracle Master/Professional that can usually make a system dance within a very short window of time. I've only had to do this once and the support I received from the Oracle Master was nothing short of amazing. So don't get frustrated when it seems like progress has stalled, instead get clever and start manipulating their own system.